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Fiberglass Roving


Single-End Rovings are reinforcement products for filament winding, long-fiber thermoplastics, pultrusion, knitting and weaving applications with polyester (UP), vinylester (VE), epoxy (EP), phenolic (PN), polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA) resin systems.
Multi-End Continuous Roving is designed for excellent performance in spray-up operations using standard or filled resin systems.

SMC rovings (Rovings for Sheet Molding Compounds) are especially designed as reinforcements for thermoset resins used in sheet molding compounds.

This roving is especially used in fiberglass reinforced gypsum products.

Blowing Roving is specific for innovative heat and sound insulation material for exhaust muffler.


Chopped strands are made of continuous E-glass fibers chopped in a customer length of 3 to 25mm.



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