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SMC Roving


SMC rovings (Rovings for Sheet Molding Compounds) are especially designed as reinforcement for Sheet Molding Compound (SMC), which offers improved processing over conventional products where fast wet through and good sheet density are required. It is manufactured from a collection of continuous glass filaments, gathered, without mechanical twists, into a split strand. The filaments are bonded together with a high performance vinylester and polyester compatible size.

Product applications include automobile and truck structural body panels such as fenders, doors, hoods, recreational vehicle housings, water storage towers, and sporting goods.


Product Characteristics

  • Excellent wet out
  • Easy choppability
  • High mechinal strength
  • Low static and fuzz
  • Good dispersion



Bobbin weight (kg) 17-18
Bobbin inner diameter (mm) 76
Bobbin outer diameter (mm) 270
Bobbins per pallet 48/64
Pallet size (cm) 112 x 112 x 94
112 x 112 x 120
Net weight per pallet (kg) 860/1,152



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