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Single-End Roving

Single-end roving is produced directly by winding a certain number of continuous fibers without twist. It is coated with silane compatible with polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resin utilized in filament winding,  pultrusion processes or weaving.

The typical end product is pultruded rod, pipe, tanks, aviation and space, electrical sectors.


Product Characteristics

  • High mechanical properties
  • Fast wet-out
  • No fuzz  
  • Even tension
  • Excellent integrity and ribbonization
  • Optimized package and pallet weight



Bobbin weight (kg) 15-18
Bobbin inner diameter (mm) 152/162
Bobbin outer diameter (mm) 280
Bobbins per pallet 48/64
Pallet size (cm) 112 x 112 x 94
112 x 112 x 120
Net weight per pallet (kg) 864/1,152



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